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10 Tips to Far North Queensland Residents in the Clean up Following Cyclone Debbie

To the Whitsunday Community 

Business & Residential Owners, getting back up on your feet, I feel compelled to offer some advice, based upon 30 years of Building Consultancy.

Since the emergency is making way to rebuilding various lives, I offer some of my wisdom, for what it is worth!

Many firms will be there to assist you & Insurance companies in your time of need.

10 Points to consider in the process

  • Record your damage as best you can on a Building Dilapidation report (Residential). This will assist you into the future. Record your before & after Photos & notes in concise terms. Most Rectifying Builders will be able to understand.
  • I notice that discussions are about Local Trades, this is excellent for the area, but if there is an overload then sometimes this is counter productive. Be sure to always obtain competitive Assessments based on the same”Scope of Works” , so you can compare “Apples with Apples”.
  • Don’t rush in for an uninformed insurance settlement as obtaining Works on Rebuilding on your own just might lead you to heartache. Obtain an informed decision from your local legal advisor, when it comes to Contracts.
  • Be sure to always check that the Builder is Licensed in the State of QLD, The QBCC has a Licence search on their webpage to verify credentials. www.qbcc.qld.gov.au

Be sure to check this for recall if you require

  • Builder Associations are a good indication of professionalism Eg: www.mbqld.com.au
  • Carefully consider the options and if necessary obtain an informed second opinion, seek once again some legal advice on the Regulated Contracts that are required by all QBCC licensees.
  • Ensure that the repairs are carried out under an appropriate Development Permit, this is required when damage usually exceeds 20% of the structural components.
  • The local Building Certifiers are able to give you this advice, either “Private” or “Public” a list of them are available also from the QBCC website.
  • The Whitsunday Regional Council, may have a copy of your plans to be useful to us “Building Certifiers” for follow up details to get quicker turn around for Engineering reports.
  • Make sure that the Builders obtain a Development Permit for the new works, when required, your Insurance should comply with this requirement as part of the “Scope of Works”

The Contracted works also over $3300 carry a requirement of new QBCC Confirmation of Insurance before the Permit is released.

  • Be sure to treat your damaged property as if it were a construction site. “Don’t get on the roof’s” Be ever mindful of your children and the dangers of Asbestos and other harmful materials & Debris etc. Let the professionals handle what they know best. If unsure stay safe particularly around possible damaged Pool Barriers until they are repaired.

Any other queries just post it, if I can’t answer I may know where to look it up.

All the best for you

Bob Sternberg

Building Certifier A22079

Building Consultant QBCC lic# 22079