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Buyers: Protect Yourself, with Builder’s Handover Report Templates through the Homeworthy App

Are you preparing to purchase a new home directly from the builder or real estate development company? Whether you designed the home and commissioned the home yourself or are purchasing a new home in a brand new residential development, it’s easy to assume that, since your home is new, there won’t be any problems with it. Normally, you would hire a property inspector to look for structural damage, mould, infestations or other problems that might cause you to reconsider your purchase. When you are buying a new home, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, correct?

Well, not entirely correct. In most cases, builders will uphold their end of the deal, completing your home to spec without any defects or contractual discrepancies. However, in order to protect yourself from making a bad investment, it’s a good idea to hire third-party building consultant to complete a builder’s handover report. This consultant will inspect your home and all relevant blueprints and contracts, with the goal of determining the condition of the home and the state of contract completion. Your handover report will tell you whether or not your home is marred by defective construction and will confirm whether or not the builder has satisfied your contract terms.

Get a Better Consultation, with a Builder’s Handover Report Template from Homeworthy

Needless to say, the builder’s handover report is a pivotal moment in the home-buying process. A thorough handover report can identify major issues with your property before you go through with a purchase. By catching these issues early—and hopefully making sure that the builder fulfils their side of the contract before submitting payment—you will be saving yourself from a huge headache later on down the road.

Thanks to the high-stakes nature of builders handover reports, it is important to ensure that your building consultant is being thorough with his or her inspection. In addition, you need to make sure you get an opportunity to review the handover report thoroughly, to determine whether or not something questionable is going on with your contract.

Obviously, a major component of this equation is the building consultant you choose for the job. Another major component, though, is the builder’s handover report template that your consultant uses to judge your home and building contract.

To ensure the best quality builder’s handover reports, ask your consultant to use the Homeworthy app. Your consultant will appreciate the app, because it will allow them to generate professional and detailed reports without having to carry around a tonne of paper. You will appreciate the app for how accessible it is and for how easy it makes it to read your builder’s handover reports. Furthermore, since the template outlines all of the elements that are usually included in a handover report, the chances of your consultant missing something or forgetting to include it in the report are virtually at zero.

In all likelihood, your home is the biggest investment you will ever make—particularly if you have collaborated with a builder to bring your dream home to fruition. Don’t risk purchasing a house that isn’t complete or up to standard, or risk being taken for a ride by a builder that has neglected parts of the contract. Start using the Homeworthy app today for better builder’s handover reports!