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Comply with Queensland Laws, with an Electronic Body Corporate Maintenance Report Template from Homeworthy

Under the Queensland Government’s Land Title Act of 1994, a body corporate is classified as ‘a legal entity which is created when land is subdivided…to establish a community titles scheme.’ All owners of property within the community titles scheme are members of the body corporate. Subsequently, these owners are all partially responsible for a body corporate maintenance report. The individual property owners in these schemes must maintain their lots, stores or properties. The body corporate as an entity, meanwhile, is responsible for the maintenance of all common areas.

The Challenges of the Body Corporate Maintenance Report

Needless to say, a body corporate maintenance scheme can be incredibly complicated to track. Particularly for larger community titles schemes, preparing body corporate maintenance reports is a daunting, tedious and convoluted process. Inspecting a home to make sure it is compliant with all relevant government codes and legislation is a big enough undertaking by itself. Preparing reports that chart the compliance of body corporate properties—be they shopping malls, business parks, townhouse complexes or other similar properties—compounds the challenges significantly. How can you be sure that every member of the body corporate is living up to their side of the bargain as far as maintenance is concerned?

Simplify Your Challenges, with a Body Corporate Maintenance Report Template from Homeworthy

The question that body corporates often has is this: how can we simplify the maintenance reporting process so that we stay up to date with compliance requirements, but don’t fall into a haze of disorganisation?

At Homeworthy Inspection Systems, we have developed a body corporate maintenance report template system that can simplify your organisation’s maintenance process in an organised and effective fashion. Our reporting template is not paper-based. Instead, Homeworthy is a mobile app (available for both Apple iOS and Android) that your body corporate building managers can use to prepare a concise and accurate report on the condition of the property. This report can then be presented to the body corporate as a whole and used to plan and program future maintenance requirements.

Particulars of a body corporate maintenance report can assist members of the body corporate in preparing sinking funds for any and all required maintenance steps. Conveniently, the mobile app nature of the report template makes it easy to forward the inspection report to all members of the body corporate. This accessibility guarantees that all members of the body corporate are aware of what is going on and what maintenance is required. From the approval of funds to the scheduling of maintenance, the Homeworthy app accelerates the entire process of body corporate maintenance.

Using the body corporate maintenance report template on Homeworthy is also a good way for body corporate managers to keep track of the maintenance that has and has not been done—both in common areas and member lots. This information assists body corporate managers in complying with their legislated responsibilities in a timely and efficient fashion.

Don’t let the size of your body corporate stand in the way of government compliance. Invest in the Homeworthy app today and take advantage of our body corporate maintenance reports. Click here to learn more.