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Discover the Value of Authenticated Images. The Home Inspection System Fuses Every Building Surveyor Report Template With Time-Stamped Technology.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a familiar cliche, murmured with ease and applied to countless scenarios. It’s ingrained within our national lexicon. It’s also relevant to our compliance standards, with those within the Residential and Commercial Building industry forced to show due diligence with every project – and this demands a series of authenticated images. To bolster the credibility of building surveyor reports every detail must be time-stamped, verified, and accurate.

The Homeworthy Inspection System team recognises the necessity of imagery. That’s why we provide our clients with exclusive Photo Capture technology, ensuring that each building surveyor report adheres to national standards and delivers definitive assessments.

With experience comes knowledge – and Robert Sternberg (creator of the Homeworthy Inspection System) provides clients with both. For more than 25 years he’s served within the inspection field, with his career path propelling him from carpentry to forensic investigation. His diverse, and dynamic, positions have left him with rare insights into the entire construction process; and his dedication to due diligence is now showcased in his building surveyor report templates.

With the release of the Homeworthy Inspection System, Sternberg and his team connect individuals to an automated platform, delivering real-time data uploads and AS:4349.1-2007 regulations. This streamlined console promotes efficiency, expediency, and ease – and it also enhances assessments through Photo Capture technology.

Creating Building Surveyor Reports: What is Photo Capture Technology?

Authenticity drives due diligence. To ensure that every building surveyor report adheres to all legislative demands, data must be carefully (and correctly) uploaded. Photo Capture technology simplifies this process.

When launching building surveyor report templates, users of the Homeworthy Inspection System can seamlessly support each finding. Photo Capture technology allows them to import images from their smartphones, email accounts, or other media sources – inserting them effortlessly into the timeline and providing time-stamped verifications for each one. This validates every pixel (bolstering them for court usage, should that become necessary).

Through Photo Capture technology, each building surveyor report is duly authenticated, with all compliance measures followed and risk assessments managed.

Creating Building Surveyor Reports: Our Other Features

To further promote convenience, the Homeworthy Inspection System offers a series of intuitive functions, including:

  • Pre-Generated Templates (each tailored to specific fields and compliance needs).
  • Automatic Cloud Storage.
  • Inspection Criteria Checklists.
  • Inspection Commentary Insertion.
  • Automatic PDF Formatting and more.

It’s an automated platform that enables users to quickly assess, create, and edit information – eliminating the chance for oversight and streamlining the reporting process.

Searching for Building Surveyor Report Templates? Contact Us!?

With the Homeworthy Inspection System, a picture isn’t merely worth a thousand words. It’s also worth authenticity – with each report delivering date-stamped validation and traceable timelines. To learn more visit our Apple and Google Play stores or contact us on Facebook. Our team will happily answer any questions or concerns.