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Do you Desire to Make Property Management a Little Easier? With the Entry Report Template from Homeworthy Inspection Systems, Maintaining Requires Reports is a Snap

In the property management arena, one of the most important components of your job involves the creation of entry reports. Since it is the rubric by which you judge the condition of the residence throughout the course of the resident’s tenancy, it is important for everything to be correctly noted and reported. Not only does this keep things fair in the relationship between landlord and tenant, but it can also prevent costly disputes over damage to the property later. However, keeping track of everything you must inspect for an entry report is not always easy. When you use Homeworthy Inspection Solutions and its property management entry report template, though, you’ll find it’s easy to create accurate, documented reports.

Cloud storage enables backup, storage of reports, and a verifiable document trail for clients. In addition, a major goal of our development was to make your job more enjoyable. Report generation may have been tedious in the past, but now it can be quick, easy, and above all else, accurate. What’s more enjoyable than a job done well? We’ve packed the app full of features that will make completion of all your property management entry reports a simple process.

Quickly prepare all necessary property management entry reports

Even if you have a general template you take with you during an inspection, it can be difficult to remember everything necessary to note down. Missing information on entry reports is not going to make your job of property management any simpler. With Homeworthy on your tablet, however, you’ll never forget a thing. That’s because its entry report template includes a checklist of everything you must inspect, adhering to the AS: 4349.1-2007 Australian Standards. This feature makes it easy to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Once you have collected all the necessary information on the state of the property at entry, creating reports is as simple as ticking off the boxes on the checklist. Paperless reports, fully featured and easy to understand, generate quickly via the software. You can then send copies to individuals such as the landlord. With 25 years of experience in the reporting sector behind our application, rest easy knowing all aspects of the reports are appropriately and professionally handled.

Agencies get five free reports — try us out today

When it comes to successful property management, the entry reports you gather are crucial in protecting investments. Besides providing the baseline by which you and your landlord will judge the property throughout its upcoming tenancy, it provides a verifiable paper trail to both you and the clients. This reduces the possibility of disputes arising, and should there be disagreement; you will have everything stored and tracked within the Homeworthy Inspection Solutions app.

Whether it’s keeping your office free from paper clutter or streamlining the delivery of a new property management entry report to the relevant parties, you’ll find the features you need in our software. Agencies can try five reports and our range of template choices completely free to experiment with how Homeworthy fits into your service. Download your copy today.