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Homeworthy – DOME MEDIA RELEASE INFORMATION – Document Office Management Environment


Document Office Management Environment (© Copyright held by Homeworthy Inspection Systems Pty Ltd).

Background to platform development.

To meet the requirements of the changing Building Inspection environment and the relationship between the core stake holders in the Real Estate transaction being the Seller (Home Owner) , The Listing Real Estate Agent, The Home or Building Inspector, The Buyer ( Next Home Owner) , The Buyers Agent (Broker) there comes a point in which all involved should be given a reliable platform that is secure to the parties involved to have FULL DISCLOSURE in the transaction to facilitate transparency in the process of transfer of title for an agreed value.

Homeworthy’s GOAL has believed that a tool is to be provided to the Real Estate industry that accomplishes these attributes for the benefit of the industry going forward. Since 1995 the system has been providing a unique service delivery to securely SHROUD the Real Estate transaction phase in areas as follows;

DOCUMENT: A system of collecting the relevant documents pertinent to the property is needed to be supplied from various sources up front to verify the subject property’s credentials. Within our platform various documents are sourced from

  • The Home Owner At Listing of the property with a Sellers Agent the Home Owner supplies the information that is at hand to them when either they were supplied at original construction or indeed that was collected at the transaction stage when “Due Diligence” occurred when originally purchased.
  • The Building Certifier / Local Government Codes Official Records: Within the Homeworthy network of professionals, documentation is recorded applicable to the subject property for the “Property File”.
  • The Sellers Agent: At listing the Sellers agent can prepare and upload under their “Due Diligence” the information required for the pending Contract of Sale, with terms of “Special Conditions to the Contract” etc.
  • The Buyers / Agent or Broker: Collection of Buyer information and requisite reports of the listing information.
  • The Home Inspector: Uploaded Inspection reports whether “Pre-Listing” or “Home Inspector” report. (Note: regardless of the reporting system used by the Home Inspector.)
  • The Property logbook: All PARTIES associated with the property transaction will list out their individual files with documents contained to assist the updated records at this stage. Uploaded documents can be allocated either “Public” or “Private” as per user settings. For Privacy the user will “Redact” sensitive information to protect individual’s privacy.

OFFICE: Each and every business involved has a system of Forms to complete during the transaction within their office procedure.

The platform provides the ability to upload the standardised forms in PDF format, by mapping the fields easily from the database, all necessary forms for the user can be automatically completed electronically from site. if needs be from their device (iPad or Android Tablet) and modified with signature of the parties, making the Office become fully mobile in delivery. Saving valuable time & efficiency. The Homeworthy platform provides a “State of Art” Office procedure onsite for those in the mobilised office environment.

  • Home Inspector / Building Consultant: Inspection scheduling and report production fully and seamlessly uploads to the property file for the Inspector.
  • Seller / Seller’s Agent: Has all forms prepared from automation from site to show to the buyer during the negotiation phase to assist the buyer in negotiation. “Pre-Listing” Inspection reports are delivered to the Buyer electronically, The Buyer and Broker can review contents and “Repair Request Lists” (RRL) can be negotiated for value.
  • Independent Building Contractors: Following the findings of the Home Inspectors report, following the Building contractors can establish a quotation for the Repair Request List (RRL) and electronically upload as a file to the property file their detailed quotation to perform the works. At this point the “Seller” & “Buyer” can negotiate the Contract to suit each party on the Contract value. The Homeworthy Reporting APP is designed specifically for precise and efficient delivery of reports for all users to produce Inspection results efficiently for parties. Having multiple quotations quickly, the Seller & Buyer can make an informed decision during the “Escrow” Phase of the transaction.
  • Home Inspector / Building Consultant (or both in some instances): The independent Home Inspector / Building Consultant whether at “Pre-Listing” or “Pre-Purchase” or Both Inspectors have an opportunity, in some instances, to jointly inspect the repairs carried out for confirmation that the Transaction can be completed.

MANAGEMENT: The Homeworthy DOME system of Property Log Book, allows all users to interface during the transaction of the property. The logbook is maintained by all interested parties and collects all relevant documents. At the point of transfer the documents are updated to provide a history of actions on the property revealing that repairs have been carried out.

The property Logbook can also have uploaded any relevant documents such as Warrantees given at the point of sale, (ie: Recall check, Roof warrantees, Sewer check, Buy Back warrantees) if these are included during the process. Having a centralised recording makes it easier for the new Home Owner to access this information should it be required to retrieved. The platform also allows for all “Scheduling” of interactions between the contracted parties during the Conveyancing stage. Reinspection scheduling with different parties become efficient & seamless in the process.

ENVIRONMENT: It is Homeworthy’s desire that the only people involved in the transaction are the relevant person’s always. Paramount to this GOAL of ours, we have proudly developed an environment where only PDF documents (Redacted if required for Public) is kept in a secure location. Developing a unique platform specifically addressed to the property, can facilitate the ongoing maintenance for the Home Owner (Whom ever this is into the future).

  • The Multi-user base: Homeworthy’s user base is the “Synergy” of all professionals working towards the desire to make the Real Estate Property Transaction sequence less reactionary (As it is currently), to a more cooperative association between individual businesses, all having the desire to streamline the process in a productive experience.

Building better relationships: The Homeworthy DOME platform, insists on gleaning the most professional qualities of each involved and “Forging” reliable Business relationships into a solid industry for all.

Provides the complete “user friendly” Environment , whilst consistently providing the pursuit of excellence in the diversified industry. The complete “Property Management” platform is here to offer the Regimental Sargent Major (RSM) of Property Management from Initial Construction to Life Cycle Management.

  • Report
  • Schedule
  • Maintain

Requiring management of Properties prior, during and after the occupancy period.

With a concerted effort to provide

  • Accurate conditions of buildings and safety audits regularly, we as a cooperative arrangement.
  • Timely scheduling of Inspectors to ascertain damage & maintenance reporting.
  • Timely Service delivery of contractors to repair and complete all services for the absentee Home Owner / Investor.
  • With the whole system in place now with the platform we can produce a “State of the art”, comprehensive service delivery initially in this growing market for Property Management.

Robert Sternberg
Homeworthy Inspection Systems Pty Ltd