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Homeworthy Inspection Systems: The App to Remove the Tedium from Creating Pre Purchase Building Reports with a Versatile Template System

Being a part of the inspection industry means building a rewarding career out of keeping others informed with critical information. For example, when you create a pre purchase building report either for an individual or a property investor, you are equipping them with vital knowledge that will inform a major decision. Whether or not they choose to put down hard cash for the property can sometimes depend profoundly on what your inspections uncover. Did you find a home in relatively good condition for its age and location? Excellent — the buyers will be happy to hear that. What about when you find a whole host of issues? From foundation cracks to electrical faults, you’ve probably seen it all. Investors might not be happy with the news, but they’ll be glad for your services.

That’s the fun part of being an inspector. What’s not so fun? Creating those pre purchase building reports. There’s so much information to cover, and it can take hours just for you to consolidate your field notes. Then it’s all about slowly typing everything up, and if you have old software — there goes your evening! Creating building reports is a vital part of your service, but it feels tedious no matter what you do. What if there was one app that simplified everything for you, from keeping your notes organised to supplying a complete pre purchase building report template? Homeworthy Inspection Systems offers exactly that.

Enjoy the creation of the pre purchase building reports once more

This software is the product of the combination of founder Bob Sternberg’s years of experience and an understanding of the demands inspectors face every day. Homeworthy aims to bring you back into touch with the basics of your job: being a detective and uncovering issues in homes. Your building reports are necessary; it’s true. When you are more engaged in the process, such as when you are following Homeworthy’s template checklist of areas to inspect pre purchase, you produce better results. Additionally, the organisational aspect of the software is well suited for those who get tired of looking at forms all day.

Struggling to deal with outmoded and obsolete report generation software? Put that program out to pasture where it belongs. Go mobile with Homeworthy Inspection Solutions. Take your report quality to a higher level of consistency. Above all else, enjoy your job once again!

Try the app out today — see the difference

With all of the features packed into this software suite, it’s practically like having a personal assistant right by your side throughout the inspection. The ability to generate any pre purchase building reports at the push of a button from a template is invaluable. It enables you to spend less time shuffling papers around and tediously entering data. That leaves more time enjoying your profession and developing your skills. To get started today, download the app. Available for Android devices through the Google Play store, you may also download it for iPad through the Apple App Store. Have comments or ideas? We’d love to hear them — visit our feedback form to send a message.