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Homeworthy™ Mobile App – Building Inspection Made Easy

Established in 1992, Homeworthy™ makes the process of reporting building compliance and condition to real estate, construction, property management and corporate industries easy and accurate. And now, Homeworthy’s™ building inspection Android and iPad app has made it more streamlined than ever. Homeworthy’s founder, Bob Sternberg, took his 30 years of building compliance and condition experience to create this building inspection app essential for modern inspection and reporting. From pre to post construction, this powerful building inspection mobile app provides you the tools to make building inspection easy and accurate.

Electronic building inspection for the industry professionals.

The uses of the app extend well beyond inspection documentation. This efficient platform minimizes contractual disputes in the finance and insurance industries for all users. Many construction firms rely on the mobile all for this reason. For licensed and qualified practitioners, one day with this app will make you wonder how you managed without it. The Homeworthy™ building inspection iPad app (also on Android) takes the hassle out of compliance and condition documentation. This app has the tools for anyone involved in the construction, finance and insurance industry;

  • building pre-purchase inspection reports,
  • construction stage reports providing quality assurance reporting on buildings under and post construction,
  • building contractor compliance reporting to contract conditions and
  • regulated stage payment intervals to enable financial institutions
  • and in the Insurance industry to validate the financial status of projects and developments under construction.

On the go building inspection for Android and iPad has endless capabilities; The Homeworthy™ Inspection System brings together the synergy of professionals for a reliable, robust and accurate property inspection experience. It is a one stop solution that ticks all the boxes. Capturing all inspection comments in digital format as a result of detailed investigation for compliance with building codes and standards of practice with photo capture, makes the content available for easy interpretation by all persons whether technically skilled or not. Comprehensive checklist criteria ensure that every part of the building is reported precisely in an easy to read and instantly summarised format for the reader.

Homeworthy™ Mobile Building Inspection App – Easy to use, easy to inspect.

This app’s uses are far reaching; property managers and tenants can use the app to keep their landlords informed of the current state of repair of their asset and investment property providing that professional and efficient edge to the process. Bob Sternberg takes building inspection into the 21st century with his Homeworthy™ mobile app. Don’t spend more time, money and effort on tedious building inspection projects that Homeworthy™ can make simple and streamlined in one great mobile app. Surveyors, certifiers, inspectors, financers, constructors, reporters, this building inspection android app (available for iPad too) has the tools to make your job easier. Bob Sternberg, with 30 years of professional experience, guarantees this app has what you need to succeed in the industry. Find the building inspection online app on our site or search for it on your App store.