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Make Yourself a More Valued Ally to Homebuyers: Use the Homeworthy App for Building Consultant’s Report Templates

Sometimes, for homebuyers, the residential real estate buying process goes off without a hitch: a buyer finds the house they want, makes an offer, gets a good price and spends 20 or 30 years in the house, raising a family and completely happy with their investment. Unfortunately, for every buyer who gets this picture perfect narrative, there is another who does run into an issue after making a down payment and moving in. Maybe the materials used to build the house were sub-standard, or perhaps there is a crack in the foundation that the seller failed to disclose.

The fact of the matter is that defects exist in homes—even in homes that were recently constructed and are being sold directly by the builder. The good news, though, is that homebuyers are wising up to these defects. Indeed, nowadays, most individuals, couples or families looking to buy homes in Australia know to go to a third party for thorough building consultant’s reports.

The Building Consultant: A Buyer’s Ally

As a building consultant, you are a buyer’s ally in navigating the real estate market and deciding whether or not to purchase a home. With so many factors to consider before buying a home, even the more diligent buyers tend to focus on just a portion of the picture. For instance, a buyer might think about the aesthetics, size and design of a home because those factors help him or her envision living in that space. However, the more structural or technical sides of the equation often go neglected, simply because the average person doesn’t know what to watch for on those fronts.

By hiring a third-party to conduct a building consultant’s report, a homebuyer is essentially asking for help in judging a home. If you are working in the building consultation industry, then, your input could be the difference in a buyer going through with purchasing a home or moving on to the next one on his or her list. To put it lightly, you have a lot of responsibility as a building consultant. It is your job to protect your clients from bad investments.

Improve Your Productivity and Attention to Detail, with Building Consultant’s Report Templates from Homeworthy

At Homeworthy Inspection Systems Pty Ltd, we want to help you become more effective at your job so that you can be a better ally to your clients. Our Homeworthy mobile app is a program that includes, among other things, building consultant’s report templates. With these templates, you can keep a sharper eye for detail during inspections. Use our checklists to find defects in a property or spots of incomplete construction. Compile that information into professional reports and let your clients use it to negotiate with sellers or building companies, or to make the decision to walk away from a contract.

With Homeworthy, it’s never been easier to track your building consultation reports, present them in a professional fashion or give your clients the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions. Download Homeworthy today to become more effective in your job.