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Manage Your Body Corporate Reports More Efficiently, with Templates and Mobile Accessibility from Homeworthy

It’s a struggle that virtually every body corporate manager contends with at some point: you conduct an in-depth maintenance inspection and send the results to your members, only to find out later that a small handful of property owners never got the message. When you own a large property where lots or units change hands or tenants on a semi-regular basis, it can be difficult to keep track of who is responsible for the maintenance of different lots or units. Of course, the body corporate itself is responsible for common areas throughout the property, but scheduling the maintenance of other property areas can be more difficult if there is a communication breakdown anywhere in the chain.

Introducing Homeworthy

Homeworthy is a system designed to help body corporate managers like you ensure that a communication breakdown never takes place. Using our program, you can prepare, store and distribute your body corporate reports—all via a mobile device. Just set up your body corporate members so that they have the proper approvals to access inspection reports via the Homeworthy app.

With these proper licences in place, anyone who owns property in your body corporate can access inspection reports via Android or iOS device. Your members can access this information remotely, from anywhere, reducing the likelihood that any of your members will miss the message. Since it’s so easy to add or remove admins from the Homeworthy system, you also reduce the risk of a newer property owner not being a part of the communication chain, or of someone seeing information that shouldn’t be available to them.

Superior communication is a big part of what makes Homeworthy an asset to bodies corporate throughout Queensland. By using our body corporate report app, you can keep everyone in your body corporate on the same page as far as property maintenance is concerned. When your members are all aware of inspection results and the maintenance work that needs to be done, it’s easier to schedule meetings to discuss a maintenance program, approve funds for the program or schedule maintenance so that all compliance standards are observed.

Detailed Body Corporate Reports

The Homeworthy app isn’t a valuable asset to your body corporate just because it helps to keep the lines of communication open between your members. On the contrary, the convenience and accessibility of Homeworthy reports is just one attractive feature of the application. The main draw of the app, meanwhile, is the detail and quality of our body corporate report template.

Indeed, our system makes it easy for managers to inspect their body corporate properties and record all relevant information—including dates, times, notes and even photographs. The app then automatically stores these details for future use or reference, making it easy for your body corporate to prove compliance and due diligence (and to avoid liability).

Between poor communication and low-quality maintenance reporting, you could unwittingly be putting your body corporate in jeopardy. Solve both problems by using the Homeworthy app and our body corporate report templates today. Click here to download the app on iTunes, or here to find Homeworthy in the Google Play store.