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Save Time and Work Faster When You Generate Your Property Condition Reports from a Homeworthy Inspection Systems Report Template

A large chunk of time in maintaining investment properties and rentals winds up in upkeep and maintenance. After all, living in a space naturally produces wear and tear; from tenant to tenant, that can vary from a little damage to quite a lot. Maintaining good property condition reports is, therefore, critical, both for compliance with the law and for successful investment. That’s where you come in — you spend hours gathering information to create a property condition report for your employer. Whether it is because a new tenant is preparing to move in or because they have just moved out, it can be a time-consuming task. That’s especially so if you have many properties to inspect. Do you wish it was easier to conduct inspections more efficiently? Saving time overall would afford you the ability to be more thorough.

With Homeworthy Inspection Solutions, you obtain a powerful app designed to make your job easier to accomplish while remaining in full compliance with relevant standards. Take notes on the fly directly into the app, or even use it to take photographs for inclusion in your reports. We designed this software with professional needs in mind as the culmination of many years of industry experience.

Assisting with a sale? Generate your property condition reports quickly

With Homeworthy in your hands, there’s no longer any need to struggle with filling out dense paperwork in the field. You won’t need to reconcile your notes later, either. Users conveniently fill in everything on the app and populate the information in a template. Whether that’s for a mid-tenancy property condition report or an exit report (or another type of template entirely) is up to you. The software is flexible with 17 different tablets vetted for use by experienced industry insiders. Additionally, Homeworthy comes with the following helpful features:

  • Provides a “checklist” type rundown of all inspection or report criteria based on template/type, informed by the Australian Standards
  • Automatically saves your progress as you go; never lose important information during a busy day again!
  • Take photographs using your iPad camera directly via the app, or import from your Photo Gallery; photos attached to reports are unalterable for both proof and peace of mind
  • Digital delivery of reports from the app; no need to export or produce a paper hard copy. The entire system is paperless and instant.

Download the app today and get back to work

All these features combine into one massive time saver. With Homeworthy Investment Solutions powering the bulk of your agency’s reporting needs with its property condition report template, making your workflow more efficient is easier than ever. Keeping your landlord clients fully informed on the state of their properties is no problem. Whether you’re taking pictures via the app to document damage or you’re digitally sending reports instantly, it won’t take long to experience its benefits. Backed by the experience and informed by his 30 years in the industry, Bob Sternberg’s Homeworthy application is tailor-made for professionals like you. Download the app for free (in-app purchases available) from either the App Store and the Google Play store.