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Say Goodbye to the Tedious Building Inspection Process, with the Homeworthy Building Inspection Report Mobile App—Available for iPad, Android or Online!

In the past, building inspectors had to spend hours going through different properties, shuffling through different pieces of paperwork to record their findings and later shuffling through that paperwork again to compile a complete report. The process was tedious and took hours to complete—not an ideal situation for either the inspectors or the homeowners or businesses requiring inspection reports to prove compliance.

Introducing Homeworthy™

Luckily, technology has made it possible to take the most tedious task of the inspector and simplify it into something that is now a genuinely enjoyable part of the business. Meet Homeworthy™, a building inspection report mobile app system that inspectors, certifiers, engineers, builders and even individuals can use to conduct faster, more efficient and more accurate building inspections.

The Homeworthy™ building inspection report system is available as both an Android app and an iPad app, to allow for the broadest range of users possible. The application system was dreamed up by Robert Sternberg, who spent five years as an inspector for the Building Services Authority and who has worked the past 18 years consulting on building inspections and compliance. Over the years, Sternberg saw how building inspectors had no efficient way to record all of the findings they needed during an inspection—let alone compile those findings automatically into a comprehensive report.

That realisation is what drove Sternberg to brainstorm and create the system, which makes it easier than ever to create building inspection reports online. Using the Homeworthy™ iPad or Android app, inspectors can use a tablet to record all of the information relevant to their current property inspection. From ticking boxes to writing comments, all the way to snapping photos of areas of concern, the Homeworthy app makes it possible to do everything in one place. No longer will inspectors need to carry around notepads, pencils, cameras or forms to do their job. With this advanced building inspection report mobile app, everything you need is—quite literally—at your fingertips.

Preserve Inspection Information, with Building Inspection Reports Automatically Created Online

If the mobile application were just a place for inspectors to take notes and store pictures related to an inspection, it would still be helpful. But the app is more than just an inspection application. On the contrary, it’s also an automated report generator and a cloud storage platform.

Finish your inspection, review it and hit a button to generate a complete, authenticated building inspection report online. At the same time, the report is backed up to the cloud, to make sure your inspection agency never loses a piece of paperwork again. Even in the middle of the inspection, your data is protected, with an auto-save function preserving your inspection findings after every single data entry.

Are you interested in learning more about the Homeworthy™ building inspection report iPad or Android app? Read more about the features or watch our helpful videos.