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Seeking Pre-Inspection Protection? The Homeworthy Inspection System Delivers Seamless Building Report Template Generators for Tenants.

The stain is ancient – a crusty, dusty spot on the carpet, trapped in shaggy fibres. It was there when you arrived at your rental home, claiming a large corner of the lounge and forcing you to cover it with a much more pleasing throw. You don’t know what caused it (and you don’t dare dwell too much on the possibilities). You simply know that it’s decades old.

As your lease expires, however, your landlord decides to put the burden of blame on you. You caused the damage, he claims, and so you must pay for the cleaning. Your deposit will suffice.

Robert Sternberg shares your outrage – and he also offers a solution for future rentals, providing tenants protection with the Homeworthy Inspection System. Utilise building report generators to document the condition of every room (and spare yourself false accusations). To learn more contact us today.

Homeworthy Inspection System: About Us

The Homeworthy Inspection System has a simple purpose: to connect individuals to building report template generators, offering real-time documentation and national compliance. As the creation of Robert Sternberg (a former forensic inspector with the Building Services Authority), this application emphasises seamless data integration – combining a series of innovative tools to create a record, maintain, and store information. This is crucial for certifiers and tenants alike.

A building reports generator is no longer intended merely for investigators. Tenants can also utilise these options to significant effect.

The Value of a Building Report Generator

With the end of every lease comes a property inspection – and too often do these inspections favour landlords, with rentals examined for microscopic concerns and deposits required to correct them. Without proof of prior conditions, tenants must concede defeat.

A building report template generator becomes crucial, therefore. Choose the Homeworthy Inspection System. This application allows renters to create their own reports, boasting a simple platform to capture:

  • Time-stamped images that authenticate the condition of every room.
  • Commentary that creates digital notes to explain further any pre-existing damages (these notes are then saved to cloud storage system to provide additional protection).

A building report generator allows individuals to highlight any points of disrepair, damage, or structural concerns – ones they didn’t cause. It offers security against false accusations (and, should a landlord still dispute the issue, it also delivers a provable paper-trail).

Choosing Building Reports Generators: Our App

The Homeworthy Inspection System is available to the public. Purchase an inspection report via our exclusive app (available at both the Apple and Google Play stores) for a single-use fee of only $9.99. Registration is free and all AS:4349.1-2007 compliance rules are guaranteed.

In Need of Rental Assurance? Take Advantage of Building Report Template Generators.

Don’t suffer the loss of a deposit. Shield yourself from scrutiny with the Homeworthy Inspection System building reports generator, noting the condition of every room and the age of every stain. To learn more download our app today or contact us on Facebook.