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Trying to Revitalise Your Productivity? The Homeworthy Inspections System Delivers Building Inspection Report Templates.

The quest for productivity too often proved elusive – and fruitless. You spend your hours balancing a series of tedious tasks, adapting endless images and evaluations to every compliance standard. It’s difficult; it’s time-consuming; and it devours much of your day, with every building inspection report demanding your complete attention (and all your patience).

This is counterproductive – and Homeworthy Inspection System wishes to redefine your schedule, offering you access to real-time automation and seamless national standards. We’ve launched an innovative application that provides greater flexibility, allowing you to expedite building inspection report templates. Regain control of your work efforts and your hours. To learn more contact us today.

Homeworthy Inspection System: About Us

For more than 25 years Robert Sternberg, creator of the Homeworthy Inspection System, has helped to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure. His career – which spans carpentry, construction mentorship, and forensic investigation with the Building Services Authority – has provided unique insights into the world of building inspection reports. He’s dedicated himself to the improvement of properties, and through his efforts, a series of techniques (including the ‘Sternberg’s BCA Ready Reckoner’) have been implemented.

The Homeworthy Inspection System is one such technique. This unique application allows users to simplify every building inspection report. Through its streamlined platform, it promotes productivity and convenience, eliminating up to 4 hours of the traditional preparation process.

Creating Building Inspection Reports: Our System

At the core of the Homeworthy Inspection System is simplicity. This app – which is the result of more than two decades of experience and compliance knowledge – provides users with building inspection report templates, allowing them to quickly input all information.

  • Insert all inspection comments, relying on cloud storage to ensure security and accessibility.
  • Utilise the Photo Capture tool, instantly importing evidentiary images to support each building inspection report. These photos are time-stamped to ensure authenticity.
  • Take advantage of the Inspection Criteria Checklist, with building inspection report templates providing lists of relevant data required by all national authorities. This ensures that no information is overlooked by mistake.
  • Use the Preview feature, quickly assessing the document before downloading it into PDF format (which ensures easy sharing with property managers, maintenance officials, surveyors, certifiers, and other individuals).

Every report delivers speed and efficiency, allowing users to consolidate their information into an automated platform. This accommodates even the busiest of schedules and helps to reduce the stress of paperwork.

The Homeworthy Inspection System also boasts AS:4349.1-2007 standards, providing users with greater peace of mind. Eliminate both the frustration and the compliance concerns.

Improve Your Productivity With Help From the Homeworthy Inspection System. Contact Us!

Building inspection reports once demanded an excess of time and effort. Now, however, they offer ease – with the Homeworthy Inspection System delivering precise performance. To learn more visit us at our Apple and Google Play stores or contact us via Facebook.


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